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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by toby Oct 4, 2011 : General ,

Following our last post about mobile operating system market shares, we have some more juicy market stats which highlight just how the mobile space is impacting business, especially in conjunction with social network Facebook. This time the stats come from InSites Consulting.

Jump to slide 127 in this pack to see the big picture. In Europe, there are 132 million using a smartphone. That’s 38% of Europe; the majority of these with an Internet subscription. More than half of these use their smartphones to surf the Internet.

The research extensively covers social media usage – not surprisingly smartphone users have more intensive social media usage with almost half in Europe logging on to social media daily. Interestingly (slide 138), apps are used for a whole variety of purposes, with ‘information gathering’ (52% use this type of app), ‘places to visit’ (30%) and ‘apps for going out’ (28%) featuring highly.

With this amount of smartphone Internet and app usage, businesses must ensure mobile is woven into their marketing strategy.

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