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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Jan 5, 2012 : General ,

As smartphones increasingly access the Internet for a variety of tasks, its interesting to study the complimentary nature that smartphones have to desktop browsers. Research published in 2011 by eMarketer gives good insight into exactly this balance.

The chart below shows what online tasks US smartphone users carry out on a smartphone vs a (desktop / laptop) browser.

Mobile Internet Tasks

Connecting to others is obviously a key use, but note that users are more inclined to use their smartphone than a browser when they want to be informed and when they want to navigate to a place.

This understanding should be guiding businesses as to both the importance of developing a mobile optimised site and also as to what customers expect to see on that site. The obvious challenges of using a smartphone - slower networks and hardware, different displays etc - need to be addresses with straightforward mobile sites, professionally designed which behave like apps and which have a dose of HTML5. Simple!
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