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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Jan 9, 2012 : General ,

A well designed web app will act as an extension to your website, impressing mobile users with an experience that will attract them to you and increase their loyalty.

We've made the process of building such web apps simple. However there are some key principles that you should stick to when putting together your app.

We often get asked for app desing advice. There are lots of great guides out there. One of the best we've seen is from SocialMediaExaminer and we'd like to expand on some of their points.

First, think about your target. He or she will be mobile and typically looking for simple information about your business - phone number, address, areas of coverage, overview of products or services etc. With that in mind, build your site around these principles:

1. Keep it simple - TradeApps standard template allows for 4 main pages of information in a clear layout with easy navigation (extra sub-pages can be added);

2. Keep consistent branding - A web app should be an extension of your website, so ensure you maintain colours, logo and styling;

3. Give users choice - Some mobile users will want to visit your main website. TradeApps can help you to put a re-direct in place from your main website so that mobile visitors are prompted to visit your web app. However some will want to stay on your main site; we've factored that in and allow users to decide whether they go to your web app or remain on the main site.

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