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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Jan 16, 2012 : General ,

While it is unlikely that the huge growth in mobile as a channel for retailers can turn around their declining sales in the current economic crisis, it is clear that huge opportunities are only being exploited by the biggest retailers.

Some interesting stats concerning mobile usage over the Christmas period have now emerged.

A number of high street retailers have reported that the volume of mobile traffic has more than doubled compared to the previous year, with The Guardian and IBM reporting that with more than 46% of UK subscribers using a smartphone, "15% of people in Britain logging on to a retailer's website are expected to have done so from a mobile device".

Additionally, the BRC-Google online retail monitor published in October 2011 indicated that one in ten retail searches were happening on mobile devices. In more research from IBM, in a survey of 150 leading UK retsilers, mobile traffic on Boxing Day accounted for 20% of all visits.

Realisation is dawning that businesses and retailers in particular need a mobile site. For the majority, a web app which can be accessed by any smartphone will be the most effective and least expensive option which will prove easy to edit and not dependent on marketplaces.
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