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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Apr 1, 2011 : General ,

Amazingly, in certain categories, 20% of all Google searches were made through mobile devices in December 2010. Additionally, the number of mobile searches are up 400% in the last year.

Don’t be surprised by these results; it’s the tip of the iceberg. With smartphones always close to hand, mobile users are solving their immediate needs for information with a few clicks. And sometimes voice searches too.

One in three mobile searches is local. Google’s advice to businesses:

  1. Build a mobile site and/or app (don’t take too long).
  2. Think local: think about the consumer out the in world in the local market.
  3. Get personal. Mobile devices are more personal.
  4. Track mobile independently (clicks, traffic sources, conversions)
  5. Iterate, iterate, iterate (based on feedback and data)

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