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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Mar 9, 2012 : General ,

Native apps are packages of code that are downloaded to a device and run from that device. That has created a challenge when it comes to search. Until now.

Could 'The Everything Project' be the answer ...

We've seen a number of app search services which look through apps metadata and effectively are designed to introduce you to new apps.

The Everything Project changes the dynamic by searching not for apps, but within mobile versions of them. The mobile website  works on any smartphone and returns search results that aren't links - they are relevant apps. When you click on that app, the clever thing is that an HTML5 version of that app opens with the results. Its a very neat way of bringing search to the native app world.

Web apps are different as they are already fully searchable via all of the usual search engines. Which is why TradeApps focuses on web apps underpinned by HTML5. Even better is that Google prioritises these mobile friendly sites when searching on a mobile device.
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