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Posted by Lee Mar 28, 2012 : General ,

The BBC has re-designed its mobile news site to ensure that it is optimised for all variations of phone or tablet.

A 'responsive design' approach has been used, which the BBC describes as "one of the most innovative and largest scale uses of a new approach to creating web applications that the web has seen, which will ultimately enable us to deliver a better BBC News experience, tailored according to how and where you are using it but which is also familiar and consistent."

The service that TradeApps provides can't match the BBC's for technological innovation, but it does have the same aims and serves a similar purpose. Around 26% of the BBC News online's traffic comes from mobile devices and that figure is increasing. The significance of mobile, and of having content optimised for all mobile devices, is what is has driven the development. All forward-thinking Internet players and content providers realise this, with Facebook recently predicting that within 2 years, all of its developers would be focused on mobile.

So the BBC's new mobile site will work to optimised the browsing experience for for all devices, resizing and reshaping images and text placement. It is effectively aiming to provide an experience more akin to the 'full-fat' website but with none of the need for clumsy pinch and zooming due to varying screen sizes. Nice!

Lets hope that the site still loads quickly - research shows that 50% of mobile users abandon a page if it doesn't load in 10 seconds and the majority will never return to that site!
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