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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Apr 23, 2012 : General ,

Jakob Neilson, a leading reporter on web interface and usability, has recently discussed mobile sites vs apps, specifically looking at whether you should produce a mobile website or develop a native app. In another of his insightful articles, he concludes that ...

Currently, native mobile apps are better if you can afford them (see here for the average cost of a native app), particularly if you want to use device features such as the camera.

However we are moving towards a future of mobile optimised HTML5 sites and the report concludes that we will see:
  • the expense of native apps increase as there are are more platforms to develop for
  • HTML5 will 'substantially imrpove mobile site capabilities'
  • mobile sites showing 'better integration with the full web'
Ultimately, 'the Internet will defeat smaller, close environments'

Here at TradeApps, our platform allows the development of great looking mobile websites which look and behave like apps. Being able to create such an app for free (or just £5 per month for premium features) absolutely blows out of the water the idea of creating a native app for thousands of pounds, unless you have very specific and complex requirements for your app.

Full article here.
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