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Posted by Lee Jul 2, 2012 : General ,

Google has launched new tools to make it easier to advertise your app in your Adwords campaigns.

An article at Search Engine Watch outlines the process and how effective it can be at promoting your app on Google. While the article focuses on native apps, your TradeApps app can be featured in a similar way in your Adwords campaigns. Even more effectively if you are a Premium customer, you can promote your own custom url (m.yoursite.com).

TradeApps recommends a number of additional ways to promote your app to customers:
  • Send your app name (m.tradeapps.co/yourapp) out by email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Encourage people to forward it on to their friends.
  • Include the link in your Adwords campaigns.
  • Promote the link in other places – on your website, on printed material, in online forums etc.
  • Use QR codes to send the link out (see 'Extras' tab).
  • Automatically redirect mobile visitors to your main site straight to the app (see 'Extras' tab).
We also make it easy by allowing you to send an SMS to your friends or customers. Once you are logged in to your TradeApps account, click on the 'Go!' tab for more info. Also, within the app itself, you can 'forward to a friend' from the 'contact' page.

Happy apping!
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