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small business + mobile = big business

Posted by Lee Jun 3, 2011 : General ,

The answer is $6,500 apparently. Creating an app can clearly be costly and is also time consuming.

In this article for Techcrunch, an industry expert’s research revealed US$6,500 to be the average cost of developing an app. Now we realise that is a generic question that’s being answered and depends on what the app does, but put simply, a basic app would likely cost £2,000+ with more complex apps costing tens of thousands to develop. And then updates cost money. Even simple edits or additions of new content incur costs.

However consider also the relative cost of your website and the fact that up to 20% of all web site searches are now made from mobile devices. Does your website look good on a mobile device? Is it easy to navigate? Good user experience? Setting up a web app to which mobile devices are automatically re-directed couldn’t be easier and while the user experience is considerably improved, you can be seriously increasing brand awareness.

That is one of the reasons that we’ve created our platform – you can quickly create an app for your business and edit it whenever you want;  no high developer costs.

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