• your latest services
  • up-to-date news or prices
  • current promotions
  • locations & contact details

  • your own branded app on customer phones
  • the ability to edit your offering in seconds
  • increased customer loyalty

  • understand why a web app is more important than your website
  • learn how to build, optimise and promote your site


Who can use Appismo?

Appismo enables any business to build and manage mobile apps.

These apps can be accessed by any smartphone and used by businesses to increase their customer base, promote their brand and increase customer loyalty.

See our gallery for a sample of businesses users.

Why do I need a mobile site?

If you’ve spent money on creating a nice looking website, there is a very good chance that site looks poor on a smartphone due to the small screen size. People are already looking at your website with their smartphones and what are they getting? A slow to load site which is tricky to navigate on a small screen.

Given the huge rise in smartphone usage, you’d be crazy not give your customers access to a version of your site optimised to run on their phones. You need an app. In fact, you need a web app!

Use your web app to:

  • Reach new audiences – customers may not visit a website but may well carry their mobile with them wherever they go!
  • Promote your brand – an app says that you are innovative and customer-focused.
  • Increase customer loyalty - with your app on a customer’s smartphone, is that customer going to think of you, or your competition?
  • Let customers find you when they need to – mobile searches are usually local. Customers want to find your business when they are nearby and ready to visit!

Additionally, if your business has a mobile site, such sites will typically be ranked above normal websites when a smartphone user is doing a search. See more features.

How much does it cost?

Apps are expensive and time consuming to create. Appismo isn't expensive - we think its excellent value.

OK, it's better than that...it's FREE!

Check out the extra features that you have access to if you go for our premium package.

What are the main features?

You can add whatever you like to your app - text, images, blog links, videos, news, contact details, maps, promotions, social media links and more. Just like with your website, the key is to keep the content fresh!

Check out the key features of Appismo.

How do I promote my app?

Once you’ve created your new app, it will be time to unleash it on an unsuspecting world!

When you type your app name (m.appismo.com/appname) into your smartphone’s browser and press 'Go' you’ll see your great looking app which works on any smartphone!

Now you want others to know about your great new app:

  • Send your app name (m.appismo.com/appname) out by email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Encourage people to forward it on to their friends.
  • Promote the link in other places – on your website, on printed material, in online forums etc.
  • Use QR codes to send the link out.
  • Automatically redirect mobile visitors to your main website straight to the app.
  • Also, the app will be visible to search engines.

What are the differences between a web app and a native app?

You can use our site to quickly create web apps yourself. These web apps work on all smartphone platforms and allow instant updates. Web apps are quicker and cheaper to develop than native apps.

Appismo also custom develops native apps which are solely for one smartphone platform. Native apps are typically far more expensive to develop and in the case of the iPhone platform, they require approval from Apple. Native apps are downloaded onto the device rather than accessed using a data connection each time. They have the advantage of being able to access device functions such as the camera and being able to integrate with other downloaded apps. They sometimes run faster as they reside on the device and they may not require an Internet connection to function.

Can I have a custom domain for my app?

Yes you can. Once you’ve created an app, it can be immediately seen by typing m.appismo.com/appname into your smartphone’s browser and pressing search.

If you want a custom domain for your app such as m.yoursite.com/appname then contact us.

And don’t forget that you’ll also be able to set up your main website so that it automatically re-direct visitors who are using a smartphone to your web app.

What is a QR code and how can I use one to promote my app?

QR codes are a great way for smartphones to quickly link to your app.

If you would like to use a QR code to link to your app, we have auto-generated one for you!

For more information about QR codes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code

You can use this QR code image on your website, or on any printed materials. If a smartphone user with a QR code reader looks at it, they will be redirected to your app.

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