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How and why mobile will transform interaction with your customers

Posted by Lee Dec 4, 2012 : General ,

Readwrite recently covered the issue of whether Facebook's mobile use is nearing saturation in the US.

Posted by Lee Oct 30, 2012 : General ,

The extent of Facebook's mobile growth was highlighted in it's October 2012 10-Q document. TechCrunch identified a number of significant stats, two of which we think are pretty incredible.

Posted by Lee Oct 12, 2012 : General ,

So, what's in a name?

TradeApps joins a long list of companies to change their name.

If Pepsi Cola (formerly Brad’s Drink) and Google (Formerly BackRub) can do it then so can we!  

The new arrival looks like it’s making itself at home here so it’s business as usual.

Watch this space for new feature launches and happy app building!

Posted by Lee Sep 28, 2012 : General ,

The maxim that "every forward-thinking marketing plan should have mobile as a significant focus" is close to our hearts.

Tribalcafe has just published an article that we at TradeApps wholeheartedly believe in - it backs up our maxim with all the facts and highlights the importance of mobile in local searches.

Posted by Lee Sep 21, 2012 : General ,

Check out these two great videos from Google:

The time for mobile is now - Your customers are on mobile; as a marketer, you need to be on mobile, too. It's time to use mobile to your advantage. And it's not too late to be early.

GoMo: Helping businesses create a mobile friendly website

Posted by Lee Sep 21, 2012 : General ,

Business Insider reports that over a third of all email is now opened using a mobile device.

Check out the article for this and other research showing the huge growth in smartphone usage.

Posted by Lee Jul 26, 2012 : General ,

Mobile sites fulfil a different function to regular websites. They must be designed with a different set of rules in mind. Soundbite Communications has recently covered this topic very well.

Posted by Lee Jul 26, 2012 : General ,

AppBoy has introduced some great new page templates which are free to use. Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and more ...

Posted by Lee Jul 2, 2012 : General ,

Google has launched new tools to make it easier to advertise your app in your Adwords campaigns.

Posted by Lee Jun 13, 2012 : General ,

The latest data dump from Mary Meeker contains some quite astonishing facts about the growth of mobile and how computing as a whole is being transformed by mobile devices.

Some of the stand-out facts ...

Posted by Lee May 29, 2012 : General ,

Some interesting stats from Business Insider from a conference in March 2012.
Smartphones are now outselling PCs; as we know this is just the tip of the iceberg. More here.

Posted by Lee May 9, 2012 : General ,

We've made a small but mighty upgrade - you can now add a full screen image to the homepage of your app.

Check our our Gallery for some examples of how professional this can make your app look! Happy Apping.

Posted by Lee May 2, 2012 : General ,

TechCrunch recently uncovered some US research that indicates that only one in twenty restaurants has a mobile site, while half of all visitors to restaurant websites are from mobile devices!

Posted by Lee Apr 23, 2012 : General ,

Jakob Neilson, a leading reporter on web interface and usability, has recently discussed mobile sites vs apps, specifically looking at whether you should produce a mobile website or develop a native app. In another of his insightful articles, he concludes that ...

Posted by Lee Mar 28, 2012 : General ,

The BBC has re-designed its mobile news site to ensure that it is optimised for all variations of phone or tablet.

Posted by Lee Mar 9, 2012 : General ,

Native apps are packages of code that are downloaded to a device and run from that device. That has created a challenge when it comes to search. Until now.

Could 'The Everything Project' be the answer ...

Posted by Lee Feb 16, 2012 : General ,

You don't have to search hard to find countless articles covering the web app vs native app debate.

We at TradeApps know that there is a place for both, depending on your requirements, but we'd highlight the reasons why people choose a web app.

Posted by toby Jan 27, 2012 : General ,

Driving the spurt from $2.3tn (£1.5tn) to $4.2tn (£2.7tn) will be the rapid rise of mobile internet access.

The study, commissioned by web giant Google, assumes that in four years 3bn people will be using the internet, or nearly 50% of the world's population.



Posted by Lee Jan 16, 2012 : General ,

While it is unlikely that the huge growth in mobile as a channel for retailers can turn around their declining sales in the current economic crisis, it is clear that huge opportunities are only being exploited by the biggest retailers.

Some interesting stats concerning mobile usage over the Christmas period have now emerged.

Posted by Lee Jan 9, 2012 : General ,

A well designed web app will act as an extension to your website, impressing mobile users with an experience that will attract them to you and increase their loyalty.

We've made the process of building such web apps simple. However there are some key principles that you should stick to when putting together your app.

Posted by Lee Jan 5, 2012 : General ,

As smartphones increasingly access the Internet for a variety of tasks, its interesting to study the complimentary nature that smartphones have to desktop browsers. Research published in 2011 by eMarketer gives good insight into exactly this balance.

Posted by Lee Nov 17, 2011 : General ,

Innovative use of QR codes at the Museum of London sees exhibits linking to an app created using the TradeApps platform. Additional information and video clips relating to each exhibit enhance the user experience.

Posted by toby Oct 4, 2011 : General ,

Following our last post about mobile operating system market shares, we have some more juicy market stats which highlight just how the mobile space is impacting business, especially in conjunction with social network Facebook. This time the stats come from InSites Consulting.

Posted by toby Oct 4, 2011 : General ,

At TradeApps we keep close tabs on market statistics. While we know how many smartphones there are in Europe, its also interesting to see how the operating system battle is panning out. Market research firm ComScore knows the answers.

Posted by Lee Aug 3, 2011 : General ,

Following our recent post highlighting the launch of the FT web app, Marketing Week has found a number of retailers questioning the role of native apps as opposed to web apps / mobile optimised sites.

Posted by Lee Jul 11, 2011 : General ,

Last month, June 2011, the Financial Times launched a web app. Why is this so interesting ... ?

Posted by Lee Jul 11, 2011 : General ,

In May 2011, Google's Marissa Mayer told how Google Maps for mobile has now more than 200million installs. More interesting was maps usage by mobile overall ...

Posted by Lee Jun 3, 2011 : General ,

The answer is $6,500 apparently. Creating an app can clearly be costly and is also time consuming.

In this article for Techcrunch ...

Posted by Lee Apr 1, 2011 : General ,

We think DesignBeep are bang on the money in their recent article about the top things that every small business website must have in 2011. Top of the list is a mobile site with a QR code.

Posted by Lee Apr 1, 2011 : General ,

The free app launched in 2010 by Domino’s pizza resulted in an amazing £1m of sales within the first 4 months.

Posted by Lee Apr 1, 2011 : General ,

At the end of 2010, Google launched place search, allowing users to search for local information such as activities taking place in their area or specific business types such as restaurants.

Posted by Lee Apr 1, 2011 : General ,

Amazingly, in certain categories, 20% of all Google searches were made through mobile devices in December 2010.

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