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  • your own branded app on customer phones
  • the ability to edit your offering in seconds
  • increased customer loyalty

Time to join the mobile revolution

So, you finally got round to updating your tatty old website, eh? Bet it's looking pretty good now? Job done.

Not so fast...smartphone users probably still think your site looks a bit rubbish. It's just not that easy to look at a conventional website on a tiny screen.

Ah, but why should that bother you?  Who’s looking at the internet on their phone anyway?  Surely any sane person is looking at your site on a huge monitor at home, right? Maybe not.

It turns out lots of people (let's call them 'your customers') view your site, and lots besides, on their phone. In fact, by 2013 more people will be using the internet from smartphones than from desktops.

Use your web app to:

  • Reach new audiences – customers may not visit a website but may well carry their mobile with them wherever they go!
  • Promote your brand – an app says that you are innovative and customer-focused.
  • Increase customer loyalty - with your app on a customer’s smartphone, is that customer going to think of you, or your competition?
  • Let customers find you when they need to – mobile searches are usually local. Customers want to find your business when they are nearby and ready to visit!

Additionally, if your business has a mobile site, such sites will usually be ranked above normal websites when a smartphone user is doing a search. See more features.

What types of business need this?

Any business that is looking for a quick and low cost way of increasing their customer base, promoting their brand and increasing loyalty. See our gallery of businesses users and read our blog.


Why a web app as opposed to a native app?

A web app is a cloud based alternative to the native apps that you actually download to your phone. With no downloading required, you simply save a web app’s icon to your phone’s desktop for easy access. Our premium customers' apps even work offline!

Why not commission a native app? As a company, if you develop a ‘native app’ and want real market penetration you need to develop it for multiple platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc. With the average spend per app of $20,000 that could get expensive.

Native apps also need approval (in the case of the iPhone) and are often slower to develop. See more frequently asked questions.

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